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Assurance careers: broaden your experience

The timely and relevant financial information provided by EY's Assurance teams is essential to global economic health and sustainable growth. Our work helps to restore and maintain public confidence in the world's capital markets and ensure that the fundamentals are in place for businesses to move forward.

EY is one of the most trusted, respected and influential organizations in the industry. As an assurance professional here you'll have access to the latest accounting and auditing information, follow a global audit methodology and use leading audit support tools.

Your aim: to provide peace of mind to our clients by using your skills and experience to give companies, investors and regulators confidence in the validity of financial statements, business-critical information or processes.

In doing so, you'll broaden your experience, building career value and reputation.

If you're experienced in one of the following, we're very interested in hearing from you.

  • Audit and Accounting
  • Forensic & Integrity Services

Within Assurance we operate in several business areas. Click on the tabs to find out more.

Auditing and accounting careers: giving a clear picture of business

As an auditor at EY, your main aim will be to provide independent verification of our clients' compliance with accounting principles. By doing so, you play an important role in helping businesses accurately reflect their financial picture and, in turn, protecting financial markets.

Because we use a Global Audit Methodology in over 130 countries, audit is a practice rich in opportunity. The scale and scope of our clients' businesses add to the wealth of experience and opportunity that an audit career here offers you.

As an audit professional here you will be part of a multidisciplinary team focused on providing services to your clients such as responding to regulatory reforms, managing the capital life cycle and improving business operations.

Play a sustainable role

You could also join our Climate Change and Sustainability team. They provide global advice and recommendations that help clients navigate their climate change and sustainability journey with confidence.

You’ll need to understand business and regulatory threats and opportunities, and explore and help execute commercial transactions.

You’ll work strategically with clients to help them balance risks, take advantage of opportunities and achieve their goals in a changing world.

Keeping pace with change

Company reporting has evolved. Organizations now face complex changes including IFRS conversion, mergers, acquisitions, carve-outs and IPOs.

Providing financial accounting advisory services involves helping organizations address varied challenges. For example, you'll advise on how to convert from GAAP reporting to IFRS and assist with due diligence on transactions.

What does working in a fast growing team look like at EY?

EY - Video

An international Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) team came together to tell their story in this short video.

Understanding and managing fraud risk

Our fraud investigation and dispute professionals help clients deal with the complex issues of fraud, regulatory compliance and business disputes that could otherwise detract from client efforts to achieve their company’s goals.

As part of this team you’ll draw on knowledge of fraud assessment, monitoring and prevention to identify issues that need addressing. Your focus will be on helping organizations manage fraud risk more effectively and treat it as a critical business priority.