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Advisory careers: help our clients manage risk and improve performance

With the current climate of challenge and uncertainty, organizations need even greater confidence that they’re approaching risk management and performance improvement in the right way. And you can be a part of it.

As companies continue to rely on professional advisors, we are continuing to recruit high-achievers with the right skills and experience to shape and strengthen our advisory offerings.

The current climate combines challenge and uncertainty with escalating competition. To achieve their potential, organizations need to continuously improve performance and manage risks to sustain success. Clients are increasingly asking for our help with these complex issues. In response, we’re expanding our global network by recruiting high-achievers who can strengthen our advisory offerings.

If you’re looking for a varied, challenging and influential role where you can make an impact, now is the time to apply .

If you’re an innovative and ingenious thinker and share our passion for delivering powerful results, you’ll appreciate our client-centric approach. We provide tailored advice by bringing together a range of professional skill-sets and service offerings to address complex client issues.

From a career perspective, this integrated approach means you’ll be working in multidisciplinary teams on multifaceted projects. You can also be confident that your work will span all types of clients across a wide range of industries.

Working in Advisory 

Within Advisory we operate in three business areas, each split into a number of dedicated practices:

Our Advsiory team consists of 45 partners and over 2000 professionals who work with the clients to achive potential.

Enhancing some of the world’s leading businesses

As one of our advisors, you'll help many of the world's leading businesses and government departments tackle their most pressing issues.

To achieve their potential, businesses need to sustain and improve performance of these businesses in a rapidly changing environment.

They will expect energy, creativity and effective multidisciplinary teams that bring diverse perspectives to every challenge.

  • You’ll have the opportunity to rise to these challenges by participating in one or more of our core groups: Finance, Customer and Supply chain.
  • You will have the opportunity to work with professionals from other parts of the organization, especially those in Risk.
  • We will support your professional growth by helping you build your skills through experience of a diverse range of clients and industries.

Find out more about your area of interest from the list below:


Our finance professionals help assess and transform the finance function to improve performance and effectiveness. As a part of the core group, you will work with clients’ CFOs to align finance strategy with the wider business and to optimize costs.


Our customer professionals help companies define, identify and manage their most valuable customers to increase operational efficiency and enhance performance. Being a part of this group will offer you the opportunity of advising clients on effective marketing, sales, merchandising and customer service functions.

Supply Chain and Operations

Our supply chain and operations professionals help clients transform their businesses from a collection of local and regional operations, facilities and networks into a coherent, optimized global supply chain. In this role, you’ll work closely with talented colleagues from Tax, M&A, and Working Capital and Financial Management. Together, you’ll provide strategic and operational insights across clients’ supply chains to help them improve their business’s performance and cost base.

Working with our clients to identify and respond to risk

In this role, you will be helping major global clients transform and sustain business performance

Risk management protects business performance and helps clients sustain results. It’s about achieving a clear understanding of different risks and developing plans to manage them.

As one of our advisors, you’ll help leading organizations implement a sound approach to risk and control.

This will allow clients to develop greater confidence that they can respond to whatever the future may hold. You’ll also work with colleagues from other parts of the business, in particular, with our Performance Improvement and Information Technology Risk and Assurance professionals. We’ll support your professional growth by enabling you to develop specific skill-sets and giving you experience of a diverse range of clients and projects.

Play a role in the changing face of organizations

As a climate change and sustainability professional with us, you will provide global advice and recommendations that help clients confidently navigate their climate change and sustainability journey. This spans understanding business and regulatory threats and opportunities, exploring and executing commercial transactions through to monitoring performance and assuring public disclosures on progress.

Our professionals work strategically with clients to help them balance risks, take advantage of opportunities and achieve their full potential in a transformed world.

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Information Technology Risk & Assurance and Cross-advisory

As an IT Risk and Assurance professional here, you'll help clients leverage technology to achieve a competitive advantage, advising on how to make IT more efficient and manage the risks associated with running IT operations.

Information Technology Risk & Assurance

Information technology is one of the key enablers for modern organizations. Our IT risk and assurance professionals help clients leverage technology to achieve a competitive advantage. They advise on how to make IT more efficient and manage the risks associated with running IT operations. They focus on helping clients to optimize and secure technology so that it serves the business effectively and enhances results.

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