French Business Center

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The French Business Network (FBN) is EY’s global network of more than 120 French and French speaking professionals established in 23 countries around the world, dedicated to serving French companies locally. We are able to mobilize resources in our network and work as one team for the benefit of our French and other European clients.

Our French Business Center (FBC) in India is committed to providing French clients with the exceptional service and support they need to succeed when entering the Indian market or when operating and expanding their existing business in India. The FBC plays a key role in delivering EY services and to reduce obstacles that arise as a result of geographical distance, language and cultural differences. Our team is integrated into our EY India practice and works hand in hand with our Indian teams as well as with our French and European teams in order to assist clients with their projects and to achieve business success in India. They are also connected to the local business community and can share insights and experience which ensure value to our clients.

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