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EY - Growth Markets
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EY sets the stage for mid-market companies and entrepreneurs to grow into market leaders of the future

Nearly three decades ago, EY started the Growth Markets practice dedicated to serving the unique needs of high-growth companies to help them grow into market leaders. Today, this practice has grown manifold and consists of a global network of professionals focused on advising a wide spectrum of emerging companies. We, at EY, offer professional services in all areas of business, advising and assisting an array of organizational set-ups, including venture capital-backed, private equity, IPO-bound, public companies and family enterprises.

More than any other professional services firm, EY has been on the forefront of accelerated growth, fueled by ambition, innovation and market disruption. We know what it looks like and we know how to support it. To drive and accelerate the growth of promising companies and entrepreneurs, we prepare to help you think differently, explore new solutions and reach your goals by identifying your core competencies and building on the strengths so you can scale new heights in a limited time. That’s how EY became and has remained the undisputed world leader in advising, guiding and recognizing entrepreneurs. We adopt a combination of conventional but successful practices and innovative tools to advise, guide and recognize capable entrepreneurs amidst market disruption.

Since EY recognizes the diverse needs for healthy business practices for the evolution of an enterprise, we prudently channel all our resources to offer specialist services and experience. Through our marquee programs, we gather and acknowledge C-level executives, entrepreneurs, investors and advisors to network, share inspiration, exchange ideas and celebrate success. Meanwhile, our multi-disciplinary teams of professionals work on delivering effective and timely results, paving the way for the upcoming businesses. And this is how we remain the most trusted business advisors, sought by emerging entities to help them navigate an uncertain business landscape and scale global.