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Cross Border Tax Advisory

With the globalization becoming norm of the day, Transactions, inter-company pricing, supply chains, structuring and funding are increasingly under the spotlight. More than ever, companies are looking to align their global tax position with their overall business strategy, to be competitive and provide value to shareholders.

Our integrated global network of international tax professionals helps you manage your business tax burden by uncovering opportunities, managing global tax risks and meeting cross-border reporting obligations. Our market-leading global tax desk network — a co-located team of highly experienced professionals from multiple countries — has revolutionized the way we provide international tax services.

  • International tax services: Our tax professionals share their insights and experience to help you build proactive and integrated tax strategies that address the various tax opportunities and risks and achieve sustainable growth.
  • Stay up to date with tax issues: The evolving Indian Tax landscape presents a series of complex challenges and opportunities. Our network of international tax specialists issues a range of materials, to keep you abreast with the latest news in the sphere of Tax.

Using multidisciplinary teams we work with you to manage global operational changes and transactions, capitalization and repatriation issues, transfer pricing and tax efficient supply chain management – from forward planning, through reporting, to maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities. Our talented people draw on their global insights and perspectives to help you build proactive and integrated global tax strategies that address the tax risks of today’s businesses and help achieve sustainable growth. It’s how EY makes a difference.

The following services form the core of our international tax services:

Inbound tax advisory

Our international tax professionals assist clients in handling challenges while setting up their business presence in India and help them in keeping up with the Indian legislative and regulatory environment.
To accomplish the same, our team of dedicated tax professionals provide strategies on:

  • Tax efficient holding company structuring;
  • Selection of jurisdiction which would best meet the tax and commercial objectives;
  • Appropriate capital structure addressing issues like ease of funding and tax optimization;
  • Business models that ameliorate permanent establishment risks;
  • Cross border treasury and finance;
  • Evaluating IP domicile jurisdiction and structuring IP transfer in a tax efficient manner;
  • Tax efficient cash repatriation and upstreaming;
  • Review of international tax attributes including planning for group Effective Tax Rate reduction.

Outbound tax advisory

Our multidisciplinary, multijurisdictional teams have the depth of knowledge, resources and experience to get to the heart of the issues that matter most to your business. No matter how complex your circumstances may be, we can advise you on the way forward toward reaching your full potential in India and everywhere else you do business. Our dedicated international tax professionals assist our clients with their cross-border tax structuring, planning, reporting and risk management.

We help to develop and implement strategies that:

  • Accentuate tax residency, migration of tax residency and planning around establishing tax residency;
  • Selection of jurisdiction which would best meet the tax and commercial objectives;
  • Ascertain the applicability and mitigation of withholding taxes on cross border payments e.g., interest, royalties, dividends or branch payments);
  • Evaluate foreign tax credits, allocation of expenses principles, permanent establishments risks, etc;
  • Collaborate in the efforts for development, ownership and use of intangible property.
To find out more about the services we offer we offer in this area please contact us.

To find out more about the services we offer in this area please contact:

Partner & National Leader, Tax & Regulatory Services

Sudhir Kapadia

Partner & National Leader, International Tax Services

Jayesh Sanghvi

Partner & Leader, India Tax Policy Advisory

Ganesh Raj

Partner, International Tax Services

Rajendra Nayak

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